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Is something better than sitting comfortably in front of the screen and watching the movie with an exciting plot and unpredictable ending? Mystery movies from will give you such pleasure. Who did commit a crime? Who is a real killer? The answer seems to be obvious in the middle of the movie but new facts open up suddenly and everything turns upside down. The hero who seemed to commit a crime turns up to be the main victim. But who is a criminal in this case? You can crack this puzzle or just watch the mystery movie to the end.

Most of modern detectives are not the fiction of screenwriters but are based on the works of great writers. Remember Agatha Mary Clarissa Mallowan, better known as Agatha Christie for example. People are still intrigued by imaginary characters Hercule Poirot and Miss Marple. The plot of these detective stories is extremely intricate and the end is often unpredictable. And it should be noted movies based on her works are of this kind. They tell the story perfectly and movie directors bring a lot of intrigue to it. The audience has a chance to go through the whole criminal investigation. The motives for the crime are different. Some murders are committed because of revenge, inheritance, temporary insanity. The criminals usually hide their motives and the police are wrapped around the finger until they go to the legendary detective for the help.

You can find psychological tension, drama, and sometimes even comedy elements in detective stories. Detectives always get to the truth. Such movies not always tell the events of the past. This genre of movies has its own sub-genre, for example, a fantastic detective can send you to the far future, and even to a fictional world. We can see the confrontation between different political forces in political detectives.

You can watch detective stories shot at different times and in different countries of the world - Great Britain, USA, Italy, etc. on our site. If you are a true lover of this genre, but you are not ready to waste your time looking for a high quality movies, our website is always ready to help you. Watch all mystery movies and well download them free of charge and without registration. Just take the time to watch the action movie with the plot not so predictable as in comedies and dramas.